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College Happy Educational Consulting

College Happy provides customized and personalized services to help find the perfect college fit for you.

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Why College Happy?

At College Happy, we believe that every student is capable of applying to and being accepted by a college that meets her academic, social, geographic, and financial needs and aspirations. We support our students by providing them with individually tailored opportunities and by building strong, authentic relationships with students and families alike. Our mission is to help students reach and exceed their college experience goals and ambitions to promote a sense of personal growth and confidence that will extend through the impactful college years and beyond.

The college application and experience process can be daunting. Let us better equip you with the tools and resources you need to make your college years a time of scholastic achievement and worldly understanding, of challenging and eye-opening self-reflection and personal growth, of memorable experiences with life-long friends and organizations, and of good ol' fashioned fun! We are here to make the college planning process a little bit easier and more organized—and a lot more enjoyable—for you as you embark on your college "happy" journey.

What we do

There are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States today. With that many options, it takes some serious effort and dedication to find the perfect college match.

College Happy provides students and families with informed and insightful college planning advice by identifying each student's personal strengths and passions in order to develop college "fit" criteria that are practical and effective. We not only want students to succeed academically in college, we want them to find the ideal settings to develop and flourish as unique citizens of the world.

Great! Where do I go from here?

College Happy provides students and parents with one-on-one, in-person consulting advice. One-on-one sessions take place for students and parents at our office location. We are also available for Skype consultations.

Contact us today to set up a free 30-minute consultation about our services to see if we're a good match for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

CH Packages

Each College Happy Package includes a different selection of Services.

Need help with only your college admissions essays? Check.
Need help with the entire process of applying to colleges and preparing for the college experience? No problem!
Choose the College Happy Package that is right for you.

Freshman or Sophomore

This package is designed to assist the 9th and 10th grader in taking the necessary steps to begin her college search and prepare for the admissions processes.

Junior and Senior Package

From individually tailored academic evaluations to personal coaching through the first year of college, this comprehensive package includes all the services a college-bound student needs to find her College Happy.

Admissions Essay

This package is perfect for the student who wants to write the standout college admissions essay. It is available as a 10- or 20-hour package, and includes all stages of drafting from brainstorming through final editing.

Our Services

College Happy provides a wide variety of Services. Each of the College Happy Packages includes a different selection of Services.

Choose a College Happy Service below to learn more:

Academic Evaluation

Evaluate your academic credentials and standing, including the following: unofficial transcript; ACT and SAT and/or SAT subject test scores; resume or activities sheet; and list of honors, awards, or recognitions

Personality & Learning Style

Identify personality traits and characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and preferred learning style(s), by administering and analyzing results of questions and surveys

Course Selection

Provide tailored high school course selection advice to facilitate college admissions goals and prepare for a focused college curriculum

Timetable & Goal Setting

Create a comprehensive timetable for the junior and senior year college planning process including all relevant deadlines, testing dates, and decision-making points


Provide guidance, assistance, and feedback in creating and revising an effective resume; provide guidelines, templates, and exemplars

Extracurricular & Leadership Activities

Recommend targeted extracurricular involvement, leaderships roles, and summer activities reflecting and focusing on interests and passions

College Criteria

Analyze and determine optimal and specific college criteria, including academic, social, geographic, and financial factors

College "Fit" List

Develop a list of "best fit" recommended schools that match identified criteria

Admissions Essay

Junior and Senior Year Package:

Guide through choosing and planning both common application essays and two additional essays, and provide assistance with on-going revisions
(additional essay assistance available on request; inquire for rates)

Essay 10 and 20 Hour Packages:

  • Provide guided assistance on applications essays including the personal statement, additional information, and supplementary questions
  • Identify strong and best-face-forward themes through discussion and analysis of values, life experiences, and self-reflection exercises
  • Choose essay topics; assist with brainstorming, outlining, and drafting of essays
  • Edit essays for individual voice, personal passion, on-topic response, and grammar and punctuation
  • Provide suggestions in order to refine and perfect essays
  • Ensure that final drafts represent applicant in a positive and effective manner

Testing Prep

Create ACT/SAT testing timeline; create plan for effectively preparing for and taking one or both tests

Career Outlook

Discuss and explore possibilities for both college major and post-college careers that align with identified strengths, passions, and interests

Common & College Applications

Provide comprehensive assistance throughout the Common Application and college application processes


Coach through process of tactfully asking for and thanking teachers and counselors for college recommendations

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Assist with and guide on use of scholarship and financial aid search tools and resources; support and advise families throughout these processes

College Visits

Provide and discuss "must-ask" questions and note-taking guide for college visits; provide families with guidance and advice for campus tours

College Acceptance and Final Decision

Advise on and assist with responding to college offers of admission; provide advice and guidance through process of making a final decision

First Year Tips

Equip students and families with the knowledge needed to make the freshman year of college a successful and memorable endeavor

On-going Communication

Provide on-going support and consultation as needed upon high school graduation

College Happy has you covered on all fronts. We will work with you via Skype, phone, email, or any combination that works for you!


    Catherine G. Noonan, M.Ed.

    Founder, Lead Consultant

  • // About Catherine

    Catherine Noonan, founder of College Happy, is passionate about the possibilities higher education holds for students. She firmly believes that these college years shape who students are and who they become and inspire students to positively impact our world using their experiences and zeal for change to guide the way. Before she was an educational consultant, Catherine worked closely with 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders for seven years as a high school English teacher in Shaler, Pennsylvania, Alexandria, Virginia, and Richmond, California. As an Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and Composition teacher, Catherine provided several seniors with resume building assistance and personal essay outlining, brainstorming, and editing guidance; she has also written countless personalized letters of recommendation for students seeking career-inspired internships and job opportunities and for motivated college-bound seniors.

    Catherine earned a B.S. in Secondary English Education from Duquesne University located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from George Mason University located in Fairfax, Virginia. Catherine also earned a certificate in Independent Education Consulting from University of California, Irvine.

    She attended an Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) Summer Training Institute in July of 2016 learning best practices of educational consulting and networking with other inspiring Independent Educational Consultants (IECs). As an IECA Associate Member, she continues to advance professionally by staying on top of higher education trends and changes to best serve College Happy students and families.

    Willow White Noonan


  • // About Willow

    Willow Noonan is Catherine's husband and co-founder. He helps Catherine with College Happy in many ways, pitching in wherever needed.

    Willow studied computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Virginia, and law at the George Washington University Law School.

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